Pebbles Sand Making Machine Process

Pebble is a natural stone, the main chemical ingredient is silica, hard, wear-resistant, chemically stable silicate minerals, natural river eggs crushed ore, sand, and a series of screening process. After the production of adult workers river sand eggs, egg artificial river sand is an important industrial mineral raw materials. Widely used in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway, railway, tunnel bridges, airport runways, urbanization, construction and other projects, Pebble sand is also widely used as concrete aggregate. Pebble abundant resources, relatively low acquisition cost and high value.

Pebble sand making machine

Pebble sand making machine is improved after years of research and development specifically for the new generation of pebble sand making machine works with reference to the integration of a variety of new technologies designed crusher, its typical use is to adapt to the current manual system sands industry is cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making straight-through upgrading the product of choice. Pebble sand making machine so that the material throughput increased by about 30 percent, increased by more than 40% of the whole life, a great cost savings, improved efficiency.

Sand Making Machine

Pebble Sand Process

Pebble by a jaw crusher broken coarse work, producing a coarse material transported by conveyor to the crushing machine for a second break to work fine, stone crushing after vibrating sieve into two kinds of stones, to meet the Sand feed size stones into sand Sand, another part of the back feed into thin broken. Sand stones made into part of sand, sand machine (optional) finished products after cleaning the sand, another part of the Sand broken into again.

Pebble Process Line

Pebble stone production line is based on the project site or actual customer site inspection requirements designed for customers, due to higher pebble hardness, but a higher silicon content. Therefore, pebble crushing process to design reasonable, considering the cost of investment in the project, while the broken, we must consider the cost of production line. Thus, the crushing process design, as the principle of the selection of the laminated crushing equipment to reduce the loss of the wear member. pebble sand production line equipment configuration includes vibrating feeder, pebble jaw crusher, pebble cone crusher, circular vibrating screen, pebble crusher, sand washing machine and other ancillary equipment. Fully reflects the design efficiency, applicability, large capacity, low wear, low running costs of its notable features. Depending on the process requirements, the combination of various types of equipment, can meet customer requirements of different processes.

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