Cobblestone Crushing Sand Production Line Equipment Price

Cobblestone is a high-quality raw material for producing machine-made sand and artificial sand. It is relatively common and has low mining cost. There are also many types of cobblestone sand making machines. Among them, the cobblestone crushing sand production line equipment is a cobblestone sand making equipment that can be driven without piling and installation. It is a fluid sand production line with a large market demand. This article introduces in detail how much it is quoting.

1. How much is the equipment cost of the pebble crushing sand production line?

How much is the price of the equipment for cobblestone crushing sand production line? According to the different processing needs of customers, the configuration and model of the equipment of the cobblestone crushing sand production line are also different. Generally speaking, the higher the output, the more expensive the price; the smarter the equipment and the higher the degree of automation, the more expensive the quotation.

According to the different processing needs of customers, the equipment of the cobblestone crushing sand production line has tire-type vehicle-mounted walking devices and crawler-type vehicle-mounted walking devices. The tire type is suitable for construction waste treatment, earth and stone engineering, construction, etc. It is semi-mobile and requires semi-trailer traction; the crawler type is suitable for the harsh environment of mountain, wetland, hill climbing operation, and mine mining. From the point of view of intelligence, the equipment of the cobblestone crushing sand production line with crawler configuration is more expensive.

Sand Making Machine

In addition, SBM manufacturers also have fixed pebble sand making machines, common VSI5X sand making machines, VSI sand making machines, VSI6X sand making machines, counter-roller sand making machines, fine crushing machines, etc., with quotations from hundreds of thousands of pieces There are millions of them, and they are available in large quantities and can be shipped on the day of the order. For details, please consult SBM online customer service.

Second, the direct sales price of SBM manufacturers is better

As a direct distributor of machine-made sand equipment, SBM's cobblestone crushing sand production line equipment is quoted at the ex-factory price, and the single unit is also a wholesale price. There is no middleman to earn the difference, and customer investment is more affordable. Under the premise of the same configuration, quality and output, the quotation of equipment for the cobblestone crushing sand production line is lower than the market by about 10%. For customers who want to invest in the cobblestone sand making machine, SBM is a good choice.

In addition, SBM factory direct sales can also enjoy the following services:

  1. 1. Consultation, purchase equipment, arrange professional technical managers one-on-one service, guide selection, design and production plan, etc .
  2. 2. Visit the factory for inspection, test machine, a large number of off-the-shelf supplies, free material test machine, multiple comparison options, more reliable;
  3. 3. After purchase, there are a full set of services such as free installation, commissioning, guidance, training, etc., so that you can worry-free purchase.

Investing in cobblestone crushing sand production line equipment, the manufacturer occupies an important position, and choosing the right manufacturer means that the investment is half successful. SBM has many years of rich experience and will give you more help on your way to invest in sand making machines.

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