Ball Mill For Ceramics

Ball Mill for Ceramics Introduction

Ball mill is the material after being broken, and then to smash the key equipment. Ball mill is widely used in cement, gold, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, ferrous and nonferrous metal and glass ceramics and other production industries of all kinds of ores and other grind-able materials dry or wet grinding. Ball mill for ceramics is an important part of dressing equipment, usually is the case throughout the last part of the grinding process, directly determines the granularity; ball weight is quite heavy and huge power consumption, but also in the production process also need to continuously add water, fuel, to reduce the high temperature generated during operation of the machine and reduce equipment wear. Thus, the choice in the grinding mill to be more comparative effectiveness and power, water, oil aspects.

Ball Mill Features

  1. Large diameter main bearings double row self-aligning rod bearings, replace the original plain bearings, reduce friction, reduce energy consumption, the mill is easy to start.
  2. Common form of cap structure to retain the ball mill, large-caliber material inlet and outlet, large capacity.
  3. Feeder into joint feeder drum feeder and two, simple structure, split installation.
  4. No inertial impact, equipment running smoothly and reduce the ball mill parking maintenance time and improve efficiency.

Ball Mill for gold structures

Ball Mill is to these major components feeding part, discharging part, turning part, transmission and other components, the transmission portion of the complex structure which is determined by the speed reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control four components; hosts including cylinder, and maintain its bearing cylinder with rotation of the bearing, but also a driving portion, such as a motor, transmission gears, pulleys and belt, etc. Ball Mill is simplified, and out of the hollow shaft and the grinding material and some level of composition, simplified for the long cylinder, cylinder with grinding, cylinder of steel plate, with steel liner and Simplified fixed, usually steel grinding ball system, a certain percentage according to different diameter and into the cylinder, the grinding of steel section can also be used; blade parts on call, not a major component in the feed inlet end of the member has had a spiral coil can be called blades in the discharge end of the member of the discharge port had a spiral can be referred to in the spiral blade; at the discharge end of the auxiliary device if the screw conveyor, in the apparatus there will be called spiral blade parts, but strictly speaking, He has not a part of the ball mill.

Ball Mill Suppliers

SBM targeting market demand and industry trends to develop a large ball mill, with its high yield and high reliability effective solution to the low-grade scale mining and mine production problems for gold in Philippines, promote global mine production achieved by extensive, labor-intensive, to technology-intensive, intensive change, significant savings in equipment area, reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment, great social benefits. SBM comprehensive grasp of the world's most advanced grinding equipment design and manufacturing technology in Philippines. Here, the staff each machine by our strict responsibility carefully made, which condense countless thoughts and wisdom. Our cautious, using only your mind.

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