Hammer Crusher

Product features: The working hammer head is cast with a new process and has wear resistance and impact resistance.

Hammer crusher is applicable to various brittle material crushing of minerals, such as cement, building materials, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, salt, Bai Ya, plaster, alum, hardness such as limestone, mining, roads, fuel, also used for broken fiber structure, strong elasticity and toughness of broken wood, paper, or broken asbestos cement waste to recycling asbestos fiber and so on. Hammer crusher, moreover, not only can be used for crushing production line, sand making production line, can also be used in mineral processing production line instead of cone crusher. The crusher can adjust the gap between the user requirements, change the discharging granularity, to meet the different needs of different crusher user. The hammer crusher produced by our company has formed series, is popular among the masses of users.

Hammer crusher is directly 600-1800 mm maximum particle size of the material crushed to a period of 25 or 25 mm below the crushing crusher. Hammer crusher is suitable for cement, chemicals, power, metallurgy and other industrial sectors crushing medium hardness material. Single stage hammer crusher for hammer crusher, hammer crusher known as compound mainly used for crushing limestone, large single stage hammer crusher limestone one meter in diameter can be directly crushed to 20mm or so, with a powerful crushing capacity. Single stage hammer crusher has a large number of applications in the cement industry.

The working principle of hammer crusher

Motor drives the rotor in the crushing cavity high-speed rotation. Since the upper material feeding mouth to into the machine, the high-speed movement of the hammer blow, impact, shear, grinding and crushing. At the bottom of the rotor and sieve plate, crush material is less than the screen hole size in graded through the sieve plate, is greater than the screen hole size of the coarse grained resistance continued to hit by the hammer on the sieve plate and grinding, and finally through the sieve plate outside.


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