SBM Vertical Mill Advantages

What are the advantages of using SBM vertical mill for limestone mill in industrial production? In the industrial production of limestone, vertical mills are commonly used for grinding operations. Therefore, when there is no specific specification, the limestone mill refers to the vertical mill.

Vertical mill can grind limestone to 80-325 mesh, used in construction materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, steel, rubber, railway, highway and other fields, and in addition to grinding limestone, it can also be used for gypsum and talc , Barite, marble, bentonite, kaolinite and other materials with similar hardness to limestone are ground and powdered. Vertical mills are popular with users because of their uniform particle size, low failure rate, wide range of use, long service life, and dust-free and environmentally friendly production processes.

With the development of the milling industry, there are many milling equipment manufacturers on the market. The quality of the limestone mills produced by these manufacturers is uneven, which causes some users to purchase the equipment and the finished powder produced does not meet the milling regulations Requirements. So is there any equipment produced by a limestone mill (vertical mill) manufacturer with uniform discharge and stable and reliable performance? Here we recommend you the vertical mill (limestone mill) we produce. The following is a detailed list of reasons for you.

Vertical mill performance advantages

Vertical Mill

SBM vertical mill (limestone mill) is a vertical milling machine. After structural improvement and optimization, the appearance of the equipment is more beautiful, the design of each internal module is more scientific and reasonable, the overall structure is rigorous, and the body Sealed, small footprint, light weight and easier to handle. For milling users, the overall effect is better and more convenient.

Controllable powder fineness, uniform discharge and high reliability

The vertical mill can control the fineness of the discharged powder between 80-325 meshes by adjusting the speed of the powder separator and the size of the internal circulation air.

Dust-free and environmentally friendly during operation, unmanned operation workshop can be set

The sealed body design, infinite internal circulation air volume, and PLC electrical automation control can ensure that the vertical mill achieves high output, high efficiency, environmental protection, low noise, and orderly production. It can realize unmanned operation and save costs.

Long-term durability, stable and low consumption, high production efficiency

The grinding device is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, and the replacement cycle is long. The scientific and reasonable structural design allows the machine to greatly reduce energy consumption during operation, and always maintain low consumption and high production capacity.

Vertical mill 80-325 mesh, 1-20 tons per hour

The feed particle size of SBM vertical mill is generally ≤25 ~ ≤30mm, the output range is adjustable between 80-325 mesh, and the production capacity is 8-176 tons / shift (total 1-22 tons / hour), It can maintain more than 10 hours of efficient operation every day, with high degree of automation and low failure rate. It is an ideal choice for new equipment for milling users. Our factory quotation is generally between 5-900,000.

In addition, the upgraded version of our company's vertical mill-LM high-efficiency vertical mill, can process fine powder to 2000 mesh, and the hourly production capacity reaches 0.4-40 tons / hour, with greater capacity, finer output, and more stable performance . According to different customers' different uses of powder milling and different requirements for discharging materials, if necessary, you are welcome to consult online customer service for free.

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