How to Avoid Blockage of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment in production line, how to avoid the phenomenon of material blocking? The impact crusher is generally in the medium and fine crushing position in the sand and gravel production line, and plays an important role in crushing materials and subsequent production. When the impact crusher is blocked or jammed, it will not only delay production efficiency, but also waste a lot of time to clean up the impact crusher and rectify the sand and stone plant, resulting in the processing of materials by the coarse crushing equipment The inability to perform reprocessing also affects subsequent equipment such as sand making, which affects the progress of the entire production line. This article analyzes components from damaged, rotating performance, materials, and personnel operations to help users reduce the occurrence of material blocking failures.

Working process of impact crusher

Coal Crusher

The impact crusher is composed of important components such as the plate hammer and the impact plate. Because of its simple structure and easy maintenance, it is very popular with users. When the wearing parts are worn out, they can be replaced or repaired in time to ensure that the crushed materials are broken. It is a normal operation, so that the material achieves the crushing effect and discharges smoothly, thereby preventing the phenomenon of material blocking. Since the impact crusher is based on the transmission power of the V-belt to perform the crushing work, the tightness of the V-belt will also affect the crushing effect of the material. A reasonable strength will be transmitted to the grooved wheel to achieve the normal effect. If it is too loose, the strength will be insufficient. The material cannot be completely broken, resulting in the phenomenon that large pieces of material cannot be discharged in time, and even forced to stop. If it is too tight, the grooved wheel will crush the material excessively, the wear will increase, and the equipment will be destroyed. Therefore, the staff must pay attention to check the tightness of the V-belt and adjust it in time.

Water content of the material

In any part of the sand and gravel production line, the moisture content and viscosity of the materials must not be too high. Otherwise, too much material will be stuck in the crushing cavity. Excessive moisture will cause rust in the cavity, damage to parts, and impurities in finished products. The content is too high, so whether it is an impact crusher or other crushing sand-making machines, you cannot blindly feed. When the operator incorrectly controls and operates the machine, the phenomenon of material blocking may also occur, so the production line needs to be equipped with professionals to perform pipe operations.

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