Drive Shaft of Cone Crusher

What should I do when the transmission shaft of cone crusher is not flexible? The cone crusher produced by SBM is rich and diverse. It can be divided into hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher. It can be divided into single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher according to the number of hydraulic cylinders. Medium broken cone and broken fine cone. SBM is available from stock with common specifications, and can also be tailored according to user needs. In the process of using cone crusher, it is necessary to understand the operation notes and common failures of cone crusher in advance. So what are the reasons why the transmission shaft of the cone crusher is not flexible, and how should we solve it when we meet? SBM editors take you to analyze and check one by one:

1. The belt of the cone crusher is pulled too tight.

Method: Re-tension the belt and check whether the pulley is aligned.

2. The drive shaft bushing is not lubricated or insufficiently lubricated.

Method: Check whether the oil inlet of the main shaft oil pipe and the transmission shaft frame is obstructed, remove the valve on the oil supply pipe, and eliminate other oil supply obstacles.

3. The oil groove of the outer bush of the drive shaft of the cone crusher is not in the correct position.

Cone Crusher

Method: Do not allow the belt drive to pull the drive shaft toward the oil groove, and the bush oil groove must not be arranged at 6 o'clock.

4. The crusher has no axial clearance.

Method: Readjust the axial clearance of the cone crusher by 1.2 бл 1.8mm.

5. The transmission shaft is bent, usually manifested as excessive vibration at the end of the transmission shaft and excessive swing of the pulley

Method: Replace the drive shaft of the cone crusher.

6. The oil groove of the outer bush of the transmission shaft is blocked by dirt or other substances.

Method: Clean the oil groove of cone crusher.

7. The gear of cone crusher is broken.

Method: Replace the gear of the cone crusher.

8. Improper flank and / or tooth tip clearance of large and small gears.

Method: Check the tooth side and tooth tip clearance of the cone crusher.

Specific selection of a certain type of cone breaking still requires the guidance of special technical support personnel. The technical engineers of SBM will choose according to the hardness, characteristics and use of the stone to be broken, and select the cone with higher cost performance and better quality and efficiency for you Break, welcome new and old customers to come to consult.

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