Artificial sand making machine

In the continuous development of the national energy saving, environmental protection and innovation policy, SBM as a professional artificial sand making machine manufacturer, specializing in the production of high-quality sand crushing equipment, has a very wide range of applications. In fact, the mining machinery industry in China has become a very large scale, but how to make the business bigger and stronger still is a problem faced by all manufacturers. But in the face of this problem, SBM artificial sand making machine production of new equipment to solve the existing technical problems and win development. Now, sand become indispensable raw materials in the construction industry, we introduce sand industry for Germany advanced technology, research and development production of the latest model of Sand, and has a number of independent patent production of all of the latest generation artificial sand making equipment. With the rapid development of urban low-carbon economy, urban construction sand and gravel demand is increasing, largely driven by the development of urban sand production line, sand and gravel production line equipment to become the core equipment industry.

From the overall appearance, the new artificial sand making machine is closed during operation status of the machine itself controlled hydraulic closures can greatly reduce dust pollution; at the same time, the hydraulic openings device also makes inspection, replacement of wearing parts and more convenient. In energy efficiency has a great advantage. With the conventional apparatus having equal power, since the material strike the optimum ratio between the angle and the crushing chamber, new artificial sand making machine the wear parts wear rate is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the running cost of the apparatus. At the same time, in terms of security, the new display modes and Sand has a vibration alarm device, when abnormal, new sand making machine can issue a warning and stop the machine in order to protect itself, to prevent damage to the machine.

Sand making equipment is widely used in engineering, mining industry, finished artificial sand making processing equipment, concrete aggregate, refractory, mineral raw materials, and so on. SBM does not stop the further study of the sand making equipment, we will be based on changes in market demand in a timely manner to make some necessary adjustments to meet the various needs of customers.

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