Disadvantages of Jaw Crusher

Double acting jaw crusher frame structure can be divided into "the whole rack," and "a combination of rack" press molding process can be divided into "the whole cast Rack" and "welded frame" several structures. Each has different advantages and shortcomings. The following to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of different jaw crusher rack.

First, the overall frame. Whole rack double acting jaw crusher with good rigidity, use a long time, durable and so on; but the manufacturing, installation and transportation difficulties, it is not appropriate for large crushers, and more use of small and medium sized crushers. Second, the whole cast rack. Usually with cast integrally cast, minicomputers can also be used in place of high-quality cast iron. Cast chassis mainframe segment needs, and then bolt securely link into a whole, the casting process is complicated. Overall chassis rigidity good; but the installation and transportation difficulties, it is not appropriate for large jaw crusher, and more for small and medium sized crusher.

With the development of highway, railway and other fields, China's sand and gravel aggregate demand continues to increase, and gravel, granite and other stone is widely expropriation, and basalt this high quality ore praise. Double acting jaw crusher is the earliest stone crushing plant, double acting jaw crusher is widely used in basalt crushing production line.

According to experts, basalt due to compression and strong, crushing a low value, corrosion resistance and good adhesion of asphalt priority, has been widely recognized by the international community, is the best stone material highway, railway construction, airport runways used. Moreover, high-quality basalt lightweight aggregate concrete high-rise building, due to its many holes, hard features, making it possible to reduce the weight of the concrete, but also has strong, sound insulation and other characteristics, the majority of building materials favor of the market.

Double acting jaw crusher is broken into primary crushing equipment basalt gravel aggregate and concrete aggregate can be big, hard basalt crushed into aggregate particles, and then used in the production of building materials. Basalt is a highway, railway and airport runways and other projects good gravel aggregate. In recent years, as urbanization and infrastructure construction, vigorously carry out the development of raw basalt, basalt relatively strong demand makes the investment outlook has become very clear, and the need for its production but also to jaw crusher, stone crusher mining machinery and equipment to provide more opportunities for development.

In the broken line in the first broken links, double acting jaw crusher has become an indispensable rough stone crushing machines. However, the current market, the traditional jaw crusher, although the technology is mature, but the technology is relatively backward, large equipment volume weight, and low productivity. Successful solution to our energy problems of this series jaw crusher. Compared to the traditional jaw crusher, which through the jaw and cavity trajectory optimization, energy jaw crusher in the case of production of the same size has been greatly improved. In addition, the structural optimization models and overall weight section, but also significantly improves the stability of the equipment.

Energy jaw crusher gravel used in construction, sand production process, especially when crushed basalt and other hard materials, compared to the traditional jaw crusher high efficiency, low operating cost. In addition, high-energy jaw crusher is applied in black, non-ferrous metal beneficiation process, it can effectively reduce the size of the ore and improve production line capacity, reduce energy consumption, significantly increase economic efficiency concentrator. Combined with the current relevance feedback customer site, I believe the column energy jaw crusher will be the best choice for customers in the field of broken.

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