What Parts to Check During the Impact Crusher Operation

The good application of the impact crusher benefits from daily inspection, and the inspection process generally includes whether the connection is stable, whether the screws are loose, and so on. Let's introduce it in detail below. What are the important inspection contents?

The impact crusher is used in the fine crushing operations of many departments such as building materials, chemical industry, etc. It mainly plays the role of fine crushing and shaping. The finished product is mostly cubic and uniform, and has received many good applications, but for equipment Better work. In normal use, we generally check whether the various wear parts, screws, and lubrication are in good condition. This can prevent problems before they occur and reduce the frequency of failures. The following describes these in detail. What are the contents.

Impact Crusher

The first point: check whether the lubricating oil pipe of the impact crusher is connected reliably, re-add the lubricating oil before the trial operation to see if there is oil leakage and whether the connections of various components are reliable, and then there are foreign objects on the impeller, if there are foreign objects Be cleared in time.

Second point: first start the motor of the impact crusher, and then check whether the direction of rotation is the same as the direction of the label. If it is not the same, you need to adjust it to keep it consistent before installing the belt.

The third point: pay attention to check the double motor drive of the impact crusher. The main shaft assembly and the motors on both sides are connected to the main shaft assembly with the same amount of triangular tape. If this is not the case, adjustments need to be made to ensure that there is no error before commissioning.

The maintenance of the impact crusher is very important for its application, especially under the situation that the development is getting better and better, the equipment is also used more and more widely. Only by ensuring its good operation can its performance be better displayed This will ensure that the application of the impact crusher is getting better and better, so that daily inspection is very important.

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