Large Iron Ore Crushing Machinery

Large iron ore crushing machinery and production process. Iron ore crushing machinery is a very important crushing equipment in mineral development, especially iron ore development and production. In the production process of iron ore crushing equipment, its production process is an important factor that determines the entire mining production, and also directly affects the production efficiency and environmental protection and energy saving of large iron ore crushing lines.

Iron ore crushing process

Under normal circumstances, the crushing process of iron ore crushing machinery we see is designed based on customary operations. In the use of iron ore crushing machinery, feeders, head crushers, secondary crushers, sieving, fine crushing, and dry separation are generally used. For economic considerations, the finer the ore size in the dry separation stage is , The higher the percentage of dry elections. If you want to improve the crushing efficiency of iron ore crushing machinery to a great extent, you need to work hard to improve the dry separation rate, which is also an important research topic in the beneficiation industry.

The dry separation rate of iron ore crushing equipment is the head crushing option. The general choice is a jaw crusher. Some large beneficiation companies will choose a rotary crusher. The jaw crusher is a more stable and reliable rough crusher. Equipment, the application range is relatively wide. Next is the secondary crushing. The second crushing iron ore crushing equipment generally has two options, one is fine crushing and the other is cone crushing.

Coal Crusher

Fine jaw crushing is used for small-scale iron ore beneficiation, and it has a good result in terms of price and operation. The selection of these two parts has a great effect on improving the dry separation rate of iron ore, and it must be selected carefully to achieve an economic beneficiation effect.

Reducing dust pollution on large iron ore crushing lines

In terms of energy saving and emission reduction, it is necessary to control the dust ratio of the large iron ore crushing line. In the production process, the dust production point must be sealed with a sealed cover, a spray device should be set at the feeding port and the tape transfer point, and the amount of water to be humidified must be controlled. Stone materials can greatly reduce the dust pollution at the transfer point of large iron ore crushing lines; when the transfer point, especially the underground buildings that transport the materials, is poorly ventilated, a centrifugal fan should be used to force ventilation to enhance the dust exhaust wind speed and air volume; When dusting, the dust source is controlled by negative pressure exhaust of bag filter.

Therefore, the production process of iron ore crushing machinery directly affects the production efficiency of large-scale iron ore crushing lines and the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, when selecting iron ore crushing equipment, production enterprises must also consider from these two aspects.

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