Dealing With Excessive Dust in Raymond Mill

How to properly handle the excessive dust of the Raymond mill or the powder spraying at the inlet. In recent years, China has vigorously advocated environmentally friendly production and low-consumption processing, and many enterprises have adopted corresponding measures for dust removal and sewage treatment. Raymond Mill is widely used in mining, chemical and metallurgical fields. It plays the role of grinding materials and making fine powders in various fields. Accumulation, extension or improper operation of mining equipment will often cause problems that affect the working conditions, such as failure to deal with the problem of excessive dust or powder spraying at the inlet of the Raymond mill, which not only causes major environmental pollution , Will also endanger the health of the staff, so we should control the amount of dust in every link in the plant. This article shares with you the specific measures to deal with the excessive dust or dusting of the Raymond mill.

The feeding situation of Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

We first have a general understanding of the feeding situation of the Raymond mill. Generally, it is determined by the nature of the material whether it requires pretreatment. When the hardness and size of the material are large, the material should be first crushed. In the equipment, after pre-processing, the materials are transported and put into the feed inlet of the Raymond mill. This process is a dust spot, and spraying measures or dust removal devices should be added. Then the blade inside the grinder is shoveled into the grinding roller and grinding ring track to apply pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of grinding.

When the dust of the Raymond mill is too large, it should be checked and checked in time to see if the dust removal device is abnormally leaking powder; because the inlet of the Raymond mill is mainly inward air, the outlet is mainly outward, if the mill door It is tightly closed without any opening. After the damper is closed, the wind cannot achieve the flow and circulation, and the powder injection at the feed port occurs.

The market prospects of industrial grinding and milling related fields are relatively broad, and the production capacity of milling equipment also affects the economic benefits of enterprises. In the process of using the milling equipment, users should regularly check the positions prone to abnormalities, reduce the frequency of failures, increase the utilization rate of the Raymond mill, and achieve and achieve the goal of environmental protection and output win-win.

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