Vertical Mill Storage Precautions

Guide: When the vertical mill is stored, it is necessary to prevent rust, malfunction and other problems, so when storing, there are some things that need people's attention, let's take a closer look.

When the vertical mill is used in the production line, people usually have regular maintenance and overhaul. This is mainly to reduce the failure in production, reduce the cost of maintenance, and improve the efficiency of production, but no matter which type of vertical type Grinding, it is impossible to always be in a working state, and sometimes there is no need to work again. How should we store it at this time?

First of all, due to the special nature of the surface layer of the vertical mill, if it rains, it may rust, which will cause aging, resulting in a decrease in the life of the equipment, so it can be stored indoors or isolated from the humid air. ;

Secondly, in order to protect the vertical mill, a layer of insulating paint is generally applied on the surface to prevent it from being affected by humid air or rain. If it is exposed to direct sunlight, the paint will fall off, so when storing it, be careful not to Keep it in direct sunlight;

Once again, during the storage process of the vertical mill, if the storage period is long, it is better to try the test at intervals to prevent the aging and passivation of the internal parts. When running, pay attention to observe whether There is a fault, etc.;

For the storage problem of the vertical mill, we introduced it from three aspects, one is indoors to avoid rust caused by humid air or rain; the other is to avoid direct sunlight and prevent the paint from falling off; Operation and maintenance, this is to ensure that the vertical mill can maintain its original production performance when it is put into production again.

The vertical mill is a large-scale production equipment, so the purchase price is relatively expensive, people pay more attention to it, and good protection measures can help it maintain the original production efficiency and make the investment get better returns.

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