Vertical Mill Does Not Discharge

Analyze the phenomenon that the vertical mill suddenly does not discharge

Guide: The failure of the vertical mill in production, the manufacturer's analysis of the cause is more accurate, because they understand the structure and working principle of the equipment is relatively clear, here is the introduction, our company for the machine Analysis of phenomena that are suddenly not produced during production.

In the production of vertical mills, any problems that arise should be resolved in a timely manner, and those problems that cannot be solved can be consulted by the manufacturer. No matter what kind of problem, the manufacturer is more accurate in its analysis because Manufacturers have a detailed understanding of the structural design and working principle of the equipment, so the cause of the fault can be accurately judged. Here is one of the manufacturers introduced by our company, for the analysis of the phenomenon of no discharge in the production of the machine.

  1. 1. I heard that the air duct of the vertical mill has been blocked. If it is, clean the air duct, and then restart the equipment, and then feed it for production after normal operation;
  2. 2. Check if there is any air leakage in the vertical mill. If there is a leaking place, this operation can reduce the phenomenon of powder overflow due to poor sealing and reduce the pollution to the environment. An important operation of environmental protection requirements;
  3. 3. Check if the blade is worn out. If it is damaged or worn seriously, it will not be able to shovel the powder, resulting in no discharge. At this time, you should replace the new blade or repair the blade;

The article mainly introduces the analysis of the phenomenon that our company does not discharge the vertical mill. The reasons for the emergence and the solutions are mainly three aspects. The above is introduced in detail, and then we are in actual production. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, which can reduce the occurrence of faults, ensure the smooth production process of the equipment, ensure the ideal production efficiency, the maintenance content is generally reasonable lubrication and maintenance, and then for different weather conditions, The equipment performs different preheating and heat dissipation operations, as well as waterproof operation to ensure the service life of the vertical mill.

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