V-belt Parts of Impact Crusher

Is the V-belt abnormally harmful to the impact crusher? As we all know, the operating environment of mining equipment is relatively poor. Usually everyone pays great attention to the internal quality and function of the machine when buying equipment. However, the length of the equipment's service life is determined by many factors, and may appear during the operation or Large or small faults, once the shutdown and maintenance work, will bring some troubles and extend the construction period, causing economic losses, so the operator should master the common faults of the crusher and countermeasures, find the faults and solve them in time to resume production quickly. What harm does the abnormality of the belt part of the impact crusher cause to the crusher? Below we comprehensively analyze the parts of the triangle belt of the impact crusher.

Abnormal V-belt of impact crusher

Impact Crusher

V-belt damage, slippage and belt turning are common failures of impact crushers and cause great harm to equipment. When the V-belt slips, the friction between the pulley and the belt increases, and heat is generated to cause heat between the two. In severe cases, it may also produce a pungent belt glue smell. You should immediately stop and check after this fault occurs. In addition, in addition to the slippage of the belt, the impact crusher will produce a rubber smell, and the internal rotor stuck may also produce a rubber smell, so we should also check whether there is abnormality in the crushing chamber. During the operation of the impact crusher, the damaged or unreasonable assembly of the V-belt will cause the belt to turn over, which will affect the crushing efficiency. The wear degree of the belt should be checked regularly, and a new V-belt must be replaced when it reaches a certain level In the process of replacement, it should be installed reasonably, and pay attention to adjust the pulley on the same plane.

If a failure occurs at this stage of counterattack, it will affect the subsequent steps of sand making, sand washing or sieving, so it is necessary to understand the operation of the impact crusher, the wear of each component and the failures that are prone to occur in each part In this way, users can check and maintain in time to avoid the phenomenon of stopping production of the whole crushing sand production line.

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