Use And Maintenance Of The New Vertical Mill

Guide: The new vertical mill can not meet the production requirements of materials, in addition to its own performance, it depends on the way of use and maintenance in production, and the use is to regulate its operation, reduce the loss in production. Maintenance is to extend the life of the machine and plays a very important role in the use of the machine. These two aspects are not negligible in production. We will introduce these two aspects in detail here.

New vertical mill performance

In the process of the new vertical mill, the benefits that can be brought to the production line are mainly related to the performance, maintenance and use of the machine. The performance is mainly when purchasing, can you choose a good production? Equipment, and maintenance is to extend the life of the machine, the standard way of use can reduce the degree of wear in the production, these aspects are very important for the entire production process, here is mainly to introduce these two aspects .

First, the use of aspects

Here mainly refers to the standard operation according to the factory specifications of the new vertical mill. Generally speaking, any type of mill has a manual at the time of leaving the factory, which can help the staff to use it better. It is said that the installation process requires the phase of the competition, the adjustment of various parameters of the machine, etc., which have great influence on the smooth operation of the machine, and are also an important factor affecting the performance of the machine and the length of life in production;

Second, maintenance aspects

  1. Check whether the equipment, valves, etc. have working conditions according to the determined process, and check whether the various communication facilities are unblocked;
  2. Check whether the various instruments and ancillary facilities are safe and reliable, and whether the lubrication points of the vertical mill are lubricated;
  3. Check the filter surface and do not allow any debris;
  4. Select the start-up procedure, pay attention to the switch to the correct position, then open the air intake valve of the air buffer tank, and see that the pressure gauge value cannot exceed the specified value of the manual;
  5. Start the washing pump of the vertical mill, not completely open the valve on the hot water pipe of the filter, and open the weak filtrate valve into the filter;
  6. Partially open the door of the vacuum pipe and start the donation oil pump;
  7. The roaster equipment is ready to accept incoming materials;
  8. Start the belt conveyor and the discharge screw on the filter;
  9. Check the direction of rotation of the vertical mill filter and the feed box and distributor of the filter;

In addition, we must also pay attention to the following aspects: the operation and maintenance of the control cabinet should be handled by a special person; regularly check the cabinet inside the cabinet of the new vertical mill, keep the instrument display clear and bright, the operation handle is flexible, contactor, each main order The electric appliance is electrically charged without dust; often check whether the components and connections are loose or damaged; the insulation resistance is measured every six months, and the problem is found in time.

The new vertical mill is a vertical structure, small footprint, strong system, and stable transmission and reliable operation in production. In addition, the important parts of the machine are made of high-quality castings and profiles, with fine craftsmanship and strict process. The durability of the whole set of equipment, these excellent performance, make the machine have better use and development, so it is very important for the standard operation and maintenance process of the machine, these two aspects are completed to ensure its performance.

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