Small Cement Plant Setup Cost

Cement Plant Application

Cement plant is one of the important cement equipment, which plays an important role in the cement production line and cement production process. Compared with the same size ball mill, the cement plant output has been greatly improved, and it can be used for dry or wet grinding of various ores and grindable materials. Mainly used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, environmental protection and other industries.

Cement mill performance advantages

  1. 1. Wide application range - Cement mill can be applied not only to cement, silicate products, new building materials, black and non-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics, but also to open-flow grinding, and cement mills. It is also suitable for circulating coil grinding with a classifier.
  2. 2, high efficiency and energy saving - compared with the general mill, cement mill output can be increased by 15-20%, power consumption is reduced by about 10%, in addition, the finished product temperature can be reduced by 20-40 бу C, product fineness is also easy to adjust .
  3. 3, the first-class equipment accessories - the small cement plant setup cost spindle uses self-aligning to ensure the normal operation of its rotating part, its lubrication method is oil lubricated with oil spoon, oil ring and automatic oil station, all three forms can be To ensure good lubrication of the cement mill, in addition to the rod mill, the bearings used in the cement mill are generally provided with cooling water channels to cool the water to ensure good working conditions of the bearings.

Measures to improve cement grinding efficiency

1. Reduce the fineness of the material entering the cement plant. Facing the situation that the roll press position is difficult to establish, the vibration during operation is very large. By gradually reducing the thickness of the steel plate between the two rolls, the pad has been completely removed, which ensures that the roll surface is intact and the extrusion is improved. The effect reduces the fineness of the grinding. The upper part of the upper part of the classifier sieve is mainly closed at the beginning of the classifier sieve plate, the material passing ability is good, and the circulating material amount is small, which makes it difficult to establish the roll press position, which affects the extrusion effect of the roll press.


2. Control the moisture of the material entering the mill. The cement grinding inner compartment plate and the boring joint are relatively small, and the moisture content of the material in the grinding has great influence on the grinding condition and the grinding efficiency. If the moisture content is too high, the phenomenon of blockage of the paste forging, paste liner and the partition plate will occur, which will seriously lead to the continuous and stable operation and operation efficiency of the system. The raw material moisture is strictly controlled, and the moisture of the grinding material is determined to be less than or equal to 1%.

3. Ensure a stable feeding amount. In the feeding process of two closed-circuit systems, according to the grinding and hoisting current combination test, the fineness of the powder-injecting machine, the coarse-powder belt material and the grinding material are judged to be appropriate, and the position of the roller press is ensured to ensure the feeding. Material continuity. The system electronic scale is regularly checked to ensure accurate measurement and stable feeding.

4. Reasonably adjust the grading of the grinding body. Through the material parking inspection, sampling and screening analysis, it is found that the ball mill has a poor effect, and the backlog of materials affects the system operation in a warehouse, which has a direct impact on the production of the mill. Use the overhaul time to adjust the grading of the mill to increase the load of a warehouse.

5. Strengthen the wind lock of the mill to improve the ventilation inside the small cement plant setup cost. Whether the internal ventilation condition of the mill is good or not directly affects the grinding efficiency. For this reason, the rotating rotary screen and the discharge chute of the mill are sealed to prevent leakage of the mill due to air leakage; the inner compartment of the grinding machine is regularly cleaned and discharged. Grinding the quilting of the slab to improve the ventilation inside the mill; strengthening the inspection of the dust collection and pipeline of the system, and discovering that the pipeline is worn out in time, and the dust collecting bag is poorly ventilated and replaced in time. In this way, the internal ventilation of the mill is smooth, which is beneficial to reducing the temperature inside the mill, discharging water, reducing the phenomenon of over-grinding and improving the grinding efficiency, and completely solving the problem of ashing of the grinding head.

6. Reduce the failure and invalid operation time of the mill. Ensure the quality of maintenance, a successful test run, reduce the test run time, after a period of operation, cement mill failure downtime is zero, compared with other equipment to achieve breakthrough progress, effective operation rate of 100%.

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