Silica Sand Processing Plant

Silica sand is a kind of refractory particles with quartz as the main mineral component and particle size of 0.020mm-3.350mm. According to different processing, it can be divided into artificial silica sand and washed sand, scrub sand, selected sand and other natural silica sand, which is in glass or high-tech electronics. It is widely used in the industry. The following is a detailed description of the deep processing plant process and equipment workshop of the silica sand silica sand production line.

Silica sand production line equipment and configuration

For the composition of silica sand production line equipment, the main components are crushing equipment, feeding equipment, sand making equipment, etc., in which the crushing equipment is generally selected by a jaw crusher for rough breaking, cone crusher or impact crusher for two breaks, The material equipment is generally a vibrating feeder. The sand making equipment generally includes a silica sand sand making machine, and the sand washing machine can be equipped according to the actual needs of the user. Finally, the entire production line can be equipped with some auxiliary equipment such as a conveyor and a screening machine. The installation was put into operation and it was running. The equipment of the entire silica sand production line is reasonable, and the specific quantity and model need to be equipped according to the actual production capacity of the user.

Main process of silica sand production line


Silica represented by sandstone has a high silica content. The deep processing of the sandstone is generally carried out by beneficiation processing, mainly for crushing and grading, and various granular products suitable for industrial requirements are obtained. In the beneficiation operation of the silica sand production line, since natural silica sand often contains a large amount of soil and various impurities, in the beneficiation, it is mainly graded desilting, and those with high iron and aluminum content need to use magnetic separation and other processes to remove impurities. Part of the better quality pulse quartz, sometimes need to be purified by acid ore separation.

Production process composition workshop design

Introduced with a specific production line of silica sand production line, the first one is the crushing workshop, which requires three crushers and one cone crusher. The second is the rod grinding workshop, which will use two rod mills to crush the coarse sand. The rod is ground, and then it needs to be screened by multiple sets of circular vibrating screens to select the stone powder after the rod grinding. After that, the screened stone powder is fully washed, de-sludged and decontaminated, and then the magnetic separation workshop is built. It requires four magnetic separation equipments, so that through the action of multiple sets of magnetic rods and large magnetic fields, the silica sand is fully de-ironed to achieve high precision and high purity standards. The design of the grading workshop is also required for the strict grading of the product. Of course, the product needs to be dehydrated in order to obtain the finished product of the silica sand production line.

Silicon sand mill performance advantages

As a kind of harder material, silica sand is generally the material particles crushed by the crushing equipment before it is processed by the crushing equipment. The grinding powder of the silica sand mill can meet the production requirements. The performance of our silica sand processing plant has strong performance. First, the structural components of the product are reasonable. The main drive of the silica sand mill adopts a closed gear box and pulley, and the main shaft and the plum blossom frame are structurally modified and run. It is more stable and reliable. Secondly, the finished product has good grain size and can be adjusted. The equipment can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 80-325 mesh of finished product. The grain shape is good and the fineness of the finished product is high. Thirdly, it is safe and environmentally friendly, and the safety lies in the equipment. Explosion-proof measures are set on the upper part of the machine body. The environmental protection is that the bellows and air ducts are always unblocked and reduce dust pollution. In addition, it also has high productivity, stable operation, etc. These are its advantages.

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