Price of Complete Basalt Stone Crusher

The basalt crusher with a daily output of 20,000 tons has different daily workloads, and the choice of equipment model is different. If it operates for ten hours a day, it will produce 2,000 tons per hour. Some large-scale stand-alone equipment can reach this output, but the entire production line The matching must be consistent. Some single machines cannot reach this output. At this time, two sets of equipment are required to match. Let's take a look at what are the basalt crushers with a daily output of 20,000 tons. What is the price of the complete set?

What are 20,000 tons of basalt crushers per day

For the high hardness stone such as basalt, the equipment generally used is a jaw crusher plus a cone crusher. Both of these crushers have strong compression performance and large crushing force. The feed opening of the jaw crusher is relatively large. It is a head crusher. It processes large basalt stones into small stones, and then crushes them into 12, 13 and other stones used in the building by a cone crusher. The cone crusher operates Stable, using laminated crushing, high crushing efficiency.

Such a large stone plant with a daily output of 20,000 tons of basalt stones generally needs to be equipped with a transfer silo to store the stones, ensure the normal operation of the entire production line, and improve operating efficiency. For example, if the cone crusher needs to be repaired, the jaw crusher can continue to run, and the small basalt stones produced can be stored in the transfer silo. When the jaw crusher needs to be repaired, the cone crusher will also have food to eat.

Basalt Stone Crusher

What is the price of a complete set of 20,000 tons of basalt crusher per day?

The full price of a basalt stone crusher can only be determined according to many aspects. On the one hand, it is the model of the crusher, and on the other hand it is the price quoted by the equipment manufacturer. Why do you say that?

Quotations will vary depending on the cost of equipment manufactured by different manufacturers. There are production materials, production processes, man-hours, and technologies used that affect equipment costs. Therefore, each equipment manufacturer has different production costs and prices. In addition to the cost of the equipment, the cost of the equipment also has a certain impact on the quality of the equipment. For example, the equipment produced by advanced materials and processes has a long life and the stone product has a good grain shape. Therefore, when asking for a quote, you should also pay attention to the quality of the equipment.

In summary, jaw crushers and cone crushers are commonly used in basalt crushers with a daily output of 20,000 tons. The price of the complete set of equipment should be determined according to user needs and manufacturers. If you are interested in basalt crushers, you can now Consult our online customer service for free.

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