Machine-made Sand Equipment in Sand and Stone Plant

What kind of machine-made sand equipment is good for sand and stone factory? How much is a set of sand making equipment for a sandstone factory? There is a large demand for sandstone for infrastructure construction. For many sandstone factories, to produce sand for construction, what kind of machine-made sand equipment is better? How much does it cost to configure a set of machine-made sand equipment? You can use this article to understand.

What kind of machine-made sand equipment is good for sand and stone factory?

Many users who set up a sand and gravel plant place more emphasis on the choice of machine-made sand equipment, which focuses on the finished product, output, and environmental protection of the equipment. Fine crusher, environmental protection mechanism sand equipment, counter-roller mechanism sand equipment are all available.

1. Fine crusher

  1. Discharge: below 6mm
  2. Processing capacity: 2-100t / h

The finished product of the fine crusher can meet the construction sand standard. In addition, the equipment has a large feed port and a deep crushing cavity in terms of environmental protection. When the material flows into the deep cavity, it can be crushed under the impact of the impact plate, rotor, and hammer. The amount of dust is small, foreign matter is not easy to flow out, and the discharge is adopted without a sieve bottom, the material has a large amount of sand, and the yield is high.

2. Environmental protection mechanism sand equipment

Sand Crusher

  1. Discharge: below 5mm
  2. Processing capacity: 70-585t / h, 60-650t / h

There are two types of output for environmental protection mechanism sand equipment. The processing capacity of VSI mechanism sand equipment is 60-650t / h, and the processing capacity of VSI5X mechanism sand equipment is 70-585t / h. Both of these mechanism sand equipment use feed ports for environmental protection operations. It adopts pulse dust removal configuration, and can also be equipped with an external sprayer, which can reduce the amount of dust when the material enters the crushing deep cavity, and further reduces the amount of dust through the air self-circulation system in sand making.

3. Roller mechanism sand equipment

  1. Discharge: below 6mm
  2. Processing capacity: 5-110t / h

The roller sand making equipment is a relatively economical sand making equipment. The material is crushed by two grinding rollers to complete the crushing sand making operation. The incoming and outgoing materials are completed in the crushing cavity, which greatly reduces the amount of dust. The roller skin of the roller mechanism sand equipment is made of high-chromium wear-resistant material, with low wear rate and high equipment utilization rate.

How much is the sand plant equipped with a set of mechanism sand equipment

A complete set of machine-made sand equipment needs to be equipped with feeding equipment-crushing equipment-sand making equipment-screening-transportation equipment; the output of the whole set of machine sand equipment varies, and the investment cost is also different;

1. Investment ≤600,000

  1. Processing capacity: ≤100t / h
  2. Processing material: medium soft stone
  3. Equipped equipment: feeder, jaw crusher, PF1250 counterattack crusher, roller machine sand equipment / fine crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor

2. Investment ≥600,000

  1. Processing capacity: 100-300t / h
  2. Processing material: high hardness stone
  3. Configuration equipment: feeder, jaw crusher, 1750 cone crusher, environmental protection mechanism sand equipment, vibrating screen, feeder

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