Large Coal Crusher Maintenance

Coal granules produced by coal crushers that exceed the limits or do not meet the requirements will cause direct economic losses for coal enterprises. The price of coal with different granularities will also be different. Regardless of the company's profit or economic cost, the choice of coal crusher is differently ignored.

Crushing operation is a key part of the coal preparation process and an important means to improve the technical and economic indicators of the coal preparation plant. Various forms of crushing equipment have different application scopes and uses due to their different crushing mechanisms, and the price of coal crushers also varies. When purchasing large coal crushers, manufacturers should not take the price of coal crushers as the main consideration. More importantly, they should choose different crushing equipment according to different material properties and operating requirements to improve the coal crusher's performance. Reliability and utilization are one of the keys to improving coal mine production.

Moisture proof work of large coal crusher

The underground crusher is a crushing device that crushes coal and grinds it into pulverized coal. The process of the underground crusher is a process in which coal is crushed and its surface area is continuously increased, reducing the particle size of the grinding, more crushing and less grinding, and even crushing instead of grinding It is the development direction of underground crushers. At present, underground crushers are widely used in coal mines.

Crusher Maintenance

When choosing a crusher for a coal mine, we need to pay special attention to whether the paint on the outer surface of the crusher for a coal mine contains a waterproof component. The waterproof and moisture-proof material on the outer surface becomes more prominent when the rainy season comes. Even the hammer crusher containing waterproof paint will still fall off after the manager blows the wind and sun. This requires the production company to carry out daily maintenance of the crusher used in the coal mine. A crusher specialist can be configured to be responsible for the coal mine. Underground crusher maintenance work, preventive work, good maintenance, and sometimes even create the value of the equipment. There is intermittent working time at the end. After working for a certain period of time, there should be a break for the crusher used in coal mines. Not only can it maintain the life of the crusher, it is also very helpful for the waterproof and moisture-proof of the crusher.

In the rainy season, the moisture-proofing of underground crushers in coal mines also requires the attention of various production companies, so as to ensure the normal working efficiency of underground crushers, and the life of crushers for underground coal mines that do a good job of moisture-proofing will also be greatly enhanced.

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