High-pressure Suspension Roller Mill For Ore Crushing

Advantages of high-pressure suspension roller mill for ore crushing

Summary of contents: The high-pressure suspension roller mill can realize the “multi-grinding and less-grinding” grinding method, and it can save energy and reduce consumption when it is used for the third and fourth stages of ore crushing, such as impact crusher and impact crusher. Increasing production and increasing efficiency, but at the same time there are some inevitable disadvantages. This article will briefly analyze it.

As a high-efficiency pulverizing equipment, the high-pressure mill has the advantages of large crushing ratio, strong processing capacity, low energy consumption, uniform particle size distribution, high degree of mineral dissociation, small floor space, and improved work recovery rate. High-pressure suspension roller mills have been widely used in cement, lime, mineral processing, chemical and other industries. In the mineral processing industry, high-pressure superfine mills also serve as iron concentrates, black, non-ferrous metals and inorganic non-metallic mines. The finely crushed or superfine crushing equipment, precious metal ore crushing equipment, etc. are applied, and its role in ore processing is mainly reflected in economic indicators and technical indicators.

1. Economic indicators

The performance characteristics of the high-pressure suspension roller mill determine that it can effectively reduce the energy consumption in the ore crushing process and reduce the steel consumption of the mill. It can also be used as the final crushing equipment to eliminate the grinding section and significantly reduce the overall energy consumption of the mine. Taking the gold mine as an example, it can be seen from the data in the table below that before and after the use of the roller high-pressure mill, the comparison of the pulverization energy consumption of different types of rocks in the ore indicates that the use of the mill can achieve the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

2, technical indicators

In terms of technical indicators, the high-pressure ultra-fine mill can exert a large quasi-static pressure on the material layer formed between the two rolls, by increasing the degree of pulverization of the material, increasing the effective dissociation of the target mineral and generating more microcracks. Thereby improving the final recovery efficiency of ore smelting.

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