Grinding Mill For Metal Mines

Grinding Mill For The Third Stage Of Metal Mine Crushing

Summary of contents: grinding mill is a scientific and advanced crushing equipment. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, good stability and high degree of automation. It has been gradually applied to the third section of metal mines to break up as much as possible. The ground undertakes the workload of the ball mill and facilitates the grinding operation, thereby fully realizing the energy saving and consumption reduction of the mechanism sand production line, simplifying the process, high efficiency, and high output.

The performance characteristics of the grinding mill determine that it is highly adaptable to the fluctuation of mineral, water and mud when the third section of the mine is broken. The typical process configuration has a semi-open crushing (ie high pressure grinding). Powder machine trim return) and closed circuit crush.

First, closed circuit broken

The grinding mill is used for closed-circuit crushing of medium-grain full-grain feed-in-close crushing process, which achieves high-efficiency crushing of various grades of ore. The final crushed product has a narrower particle size range, higher powder ore content and internal particles. The proportion of useful minerals with richer microcracks, dissociated or quasi-dissociated states is higher, and subsequent grinding is easier, which helps to improve concentrate grade and useful mineral recovery. Therefore, it is more suitable for the preparation of coarse-grained pre-tapping materials such as colored and rare metal coarse-grained heap materials and magnetite. The advantages of grinding mill for closed-circuit crushing are energy saving, increasing production and quality, and simplifying the grinding process. If the early throwing operation is increased before grinding, the fine tailings transportation and tailings storage can be significantly reduced. The pile displacement will further increase economic benefits. However, the shortcoming is: closed-circuit dry screening operation, generally need to set up the scattering process before screening. If the early throwing operation is added before grinding, the wet magnetic separation tailings need coarse and fine separation and distribution, and the process flow is simplified. Not prominent, the stability of the system must be fully considered during design.

Second, half open broken

When the grinding mill is used for the intermediate-level open-circuit crushing process of the medium-crushed product with half-opening crushing, the grinding mill has a small amount of ore, and the system process is more concise, but the crushing is not complete. In short, the advantages are simple and smooth process, stable system and convenient operation and management. Disadvantages: It is a wide range of product size, coarse and fine uneven; the material is not fully rolled, which is not conducive to greatly reduce the workload of grinding operations and improve the selection index.

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