Granite Impact Crusher Processing

Can impact crusher crush granite? How about the crushing effect? Granite has high hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, so more and more customers invest in granite for crushing and sanding for infrastructure construction. So can impact break granite? How about the crushing effect?

1. Make secondary crushing equipment, you can consider

I want to ask if I can hit granite with impact? The answer is yes. Granite is a high-hardness stone. Directly using counter-breaking treatment will accelerate the damage of wear parts and the effect is not good. Therefore, counter-breaking can be used as a secondary crushing equipment to treat granite.

In the granite processing production line, due to the large size and high hardness of the granite block, the jaw crusher is usually used for coarse crushing to process into finer grained materials. Then the secondary crushing equipment can choose the counter-breaking function, which has the function of shaping. The processed granite finished aggregate has good grain shape, uniform grain size and good effect.

Impact Crusher

Some customers will ask how to deal with soft and brittle stones in general. Will granite be damaged frequently? In fact, at present, many crusher manufacturers have improved and upgraded the impact, and the wearing parts are not frequently damaged and replaced as before. Of course, granite impact cannot directly process granite. It is possible to choose countercrack during secondary crushing.

2. Granite processing process

Granite is not as soft and breakable as limestone or shale. Therefore, when choosing crushing equipment, try to choose equipment with high wear resistance, such as cone crushing. Cone crushing has strong processing capacity and high output. The effect of treating harder stones such as granite is better, but the effect of the finished aggregate is not as good as that of counter-breaking. Therefore, customers can choose according to actual operating requirements when crushing granite.

Granite processing process is generally: coarse crushing, medium fine crushing, sand-breaking equipment, etc., coarse crushing can choose jaw crusher, medium fine crushing can choose counter-breaking, cone crushing, etc. according to customers' actual needs You can choose the sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, VSI5X sand making machine and so on.

The granite processing equipment in the picture mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc., depending on the actual processing needs of customers. In the secondary crushing equipment, the cone crushing ability is strong, the performance is good, the particle shape of the counter-broken product is good, and it can be used as a shaper, and the finished product has a good effect.

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