Fly Ash Vertical Mill

Guide: Fly ash improves the performance of concrete mainly by the presence of 10 ~ 40μm particles. The fly ash is made into micron-sized fly ash by the fly ash vertical mill grinding process, and the super high strength concrete can be prepared as the admixture and then blended into the concrete.

Brief introduction of raw materials for fly ash vertical mill

Raw material fly ash is fine ash collected from the flue gas after coal combustion. There are two main sources: coal-fired power generation boilers for coal-fired power plants and pulverized coal boilers for urban central heating. China's fly ash emissions are very large, and most of them are wet rows, which require a lot of water, and they also take up a lot of land when they are stacked. However, after the vertical mill process, the fly ash can be turned into an industrial valuable material, especially in the concrete field.

Brief introduction of fly ash vertical mill process

The grinding process of the fly ash mill has two kinds of closed circuit and open circuit, the specific difference is as follows.

Open circuit process: The process of the process is simple, and the material is finished after grinding, but the material stays in the mill for too long, which is likely to cause excessive grinding.

Closed circuit process: This process is a grinding process of fly ash vertical mill approved by experts. The specific process flow is as follows: the fly ash is regularly fed by an electric feeder, and then fed into a fly ash vertical mill by a belt conveyor for grinding, and the finished product of the fly ash vertical mill is used for high-strength concrete mixing. In the case of materials, the fineness of the finished product is in accordance with the standard Class I and II ash.

Fly ash vertical mill advantage

  1. First of all, in the grinding process of the fly ash mill, there is hot air entering, which can achieve the effect of drying the material, without the need for a separate dryer or hot blast stove, reducing equipment and reducing costs.
  2. Secondly, in the grinding process of the fly ash vertical mill, it is not necessary to be sieved or sorted, and can directly enter the powder collector and the finished product warehouse is transported to the finished ash storage by a continuous conveying pump.
  3. Moreover, in the fly ash vertical mill process, a pulse dust collector and a muffler are used to truly achieve environmentally friendly and pollution-free operation.

It is important that the fineness of the finished fly ash product meets the requirements for high-strength concrete preparation, and its activity is improved, and its performance strength can be better improved by incorporating it into concrete. Therefore, the fly ash powder mill truly realizes the utilization value and development prospect of fly ash.

The role of fly ash vertical mill in improving the performance of concrete. The fine-grade fly ash after the fly ash grinding equipment has small particle size and narrow distribution. After being mixed with concrete, it can fill the void and reduce the cementitious material. Porosity, reaching a dense filling structure, not only improves fluidity, but also increases the strength of the hardened cement matrix. Second, the fine-grade fly ash after the fly ash vertical mill can also improve the interface of the concrete, thereby effectively improving the performance of the concrete. Third, after the fly ash passes through the mill, the reaction surface is increased, the activity of the volcanic ash is greatly improved, and the hydration ability is enhanced, which is favorable for the interface bonding, thereby promoting the improvement of the concrete strength.

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