Fault Prevention During The Use Of Vertical Mill Products

Summary of the "disease" prevention during the use of vertical mill products

Guide: Vertical mill products will fail when used. In order to reduce the occurrence of faults, the manufacturer will help train professional operators. In order to further help the use of vertical mills, this article will introduce prevention problems. Some practical tips that have occurred.

Vertical mill products are generally assisted by the manufacturer to train the operators after purchase, so that they have a certain understanding of the equipment, easy to operate and solve the fault, but not all the faults can be solved after the training, so in order to facilitate the customer The use of vertical mills, below to summarize the precautions in the use of vertical mill products to prevent equipment failure:

Point: In order to ensure the long-term safe operation of the vertical mill, the operator should regularly check the wear of the wear parts such as the grinding roller and the looseness of the screws, whether the screws are loose, and whether the tightness of the belt is suitable, etc. For the lubrication operation of the wear parts, the lubrication operation can effectively reduce the wear of the wear parts in the vertical grinding production process and effectively extend the service life; The second point: the grinding roller device of the vertical mill product should carefully check the connecting bolt nut before and after use to see if there is looseness, whether the lubricating grease is sufficient, and the type of grease selected should be suitable, for example, in the hot The weather should ensure that the grease does not volatilize easily, is not flammable, and does not easily solidify in cold weather.

Third point: Regularly lubricate and replace the various parts of the equipment according to the provisions of the vertical mill product specification. For example, the grinding machine of the vertical mill needs to be replaced after more than 500 hours. When replacing, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions. For example, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the blind operation cannot cause unnecessary loss;

Fourth point: Adjusting the fineness of the finished product during production is an inevitable link. When adjusting, you need to adjust the analyzer above. The high speed is high, the fineness of the finished product is high. If the vertical mill product analyzer has low speed If the fineness of the genuine product will be relatively low, if only the adjustment of the analytical machine can not meet the requirements, then the fan speed of the vertical mill needs to be adjusted to meet the requirements.

The above is a summary of the equipment operation skills made in order to prevent equipment failure during the use of vertical mill products. The purpose is to reduce the occurrence of faults and help customers to better use vertical mills. In order to create better value.

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