Environmentally Friendly Construction Waste Crusher

200 tons of environmentally friendly construction waste crushing site.

Construction waste has always been a headache for managers. Today, the emergence of construction waste crushing equipment has solved this problem. The construction waste crusher station is also called mobile crusher. It is a machine that integrates feeding, crushing and screening systems, and is equipped with a unified control device, dust removal device, iron remover, generator and drive device. The body is flexible. It is easy to move, can penetrate deep and complex working environment and change the venue at any time. It is especially suitable for the disposal of scattered construction waste in the work site. Today we walk into a construction waste disposal site.

A production line consisting of two mobile crusher stations, one equipped with vibrating feeder + jaw crusher, the other with anti-collision crusher + vibrating screen, no fixed piling at the production site, the site is simple and convenient , use it with you.

We can see that this production line is adjacent to the residential building. There is no dust flying in the whole operation. The dust removal device is also installed on the site. For this reason, Mr. Zhao’s production line can be carried out normally under the environmental protection inspection.

Construction waste crushing station set price

The overall price we have seen above is about 2 million. Of course, this is not a fixed price. The price of mobile crushing stations is generally between 50-3.5 million. If your production requirements are small, you can configure a car. The configured machine model is small and the price will be much lower if you The high production requirements require more efficient machines and solutions, and the price is definitely more expensive, but the benefits that can be created for you are higher. Therefore, don't be expensive, choose the right solution based on your investment budget and actual demand, and the investment-to-income ratio is important.

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