Discharge Opening and Output of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is a common secondary crushing equipment, which usually eats fine materials, one is the fine material after the jaw crusher is crushed by the head crushing equipment, and the other is that the particle size of the raw material is very fine. How big is the lower material opening of the material cone crusher and what is the output? Today I will focus on solving these two problems for everyone.

How big is the discharge opening of the cone crusher for fine material and what is the output?

The cone crusher that handles fine materials has developed to today, and there have been several series, such as the commonly used single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, full hydraulic cone crusher and composite cone crusher. There are different under each series. In addition, the feeding openings of different models are different. In addition, the feeding openings of different cavities of the same model are different, and the feeding openings generally have a certain range, and can be adjusted according to user requirements. The specific size of the material mouth, so to understand how large the size of the material opening of the cone crusher, but also depends on the specific situation.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher output

Since the discharge opening of the cone crusher depends on the situation, is there a certain amount of output? In fact, its output also has a range, and the cone bankruptcy volume of different series and models is different, but there will be a cross range of output values, users can make a reasonable choice according to the actual situation.

There are tens of millimeters and four or five hundred millimeters at the lower opening of the cone crusher that handles fine materials. The output is sometimes from several tons to more than 2,000 tons. There are many series and models for you to choose. Of course, professional matters can be left to professional people. If you want to know about the cone break that suits you, you can now consult our online customer service for free.

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