Crushing Small Stone Machine

In order to avoid the waste of resources, the small gravel generated in the ore mining process can also be reprocessed and then used in the construction industry. This not only realizes the reuse of resources, but also brings a lot of profits to the enterprise. What kind of machine is it that smashes such small stones? Here we recommend that you use this cost-effective one-time hammer to break the pulverizer equipment, the specific reasons are as follows:

1, one molding, process simplification

The small stone machine can directly crush materials with a maximum particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 or 25 mm, with coarse and medium crushing in one step, and the process flow is simplified.

2, small investment, cost-effective

Hammer breaking is an early-appearing device. Compared with the cone crusher with the same effect, the hammering mill's investment cost is not particularly high, almost always between 600,000-200,000, but it is functional. It can be said that it can combine the original primary and secondary crushing into one, which can save some infrastructure investment and production costs.

3, impact crushing, the effect is good

The hammer pulverizer mainly relies on the impact energy to complete the crushing material operation. After the treatment, the sandstone finished material is mostly cuboidal and has strong compressive capacity. It is suitable for high-standard building needs. The finished product has a particle size of 5mm and accounts for 85%. the above.

4, fixed, mobile dual choice

In addition to the existing hammer crusher in the fixed operation mode, our company recently launched a new mobile hammer crusher that supports mobile work. This machine inherits the traditional hammer crushing equipment. There is also a new breakthrough development, no need for piling operation, open and leave, that is, eliminate the complicated site infrastructure installation work of the split components, reduce the material and working hours consumption, and it is more convenient to use, and also saves more. Space, so a more humane device like this will definitely be popular with customers.

5, environmental protection is in place

The small stone machine body structure is sealed, which can completely solve the dust pollution of the crushing workshop and the problem of body leakage, ensuring the good working environment.

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