Common Failures and Solutions of Hammer Crusher

What are the common failures of hammer crushers in actual use? What are the causes? how to respond? In actual use of the hammer crusher, the hammer head often breaks and the life is short, the end disk and hammer disk wear too fast and break, and the bearing heats up, which seriously affects the normal production of the enterprise. This article analyzes the causes of the above phenomena and introduces corresponding measures.

1. Hammer head break and short life of hammer crusher

There are three main reasons for hammerhead breakage: one is the entrainment of iron in the ore, the second is the incorrect control of the chemical composition (phosphorus, carbon, silicon and other elements are seriously exceeded), and the third is the improper heat treatment process.

There are also three main reasons for the short life of the hammerhead: one is the wrong choice of hammerhead material, the second is the poor fragility and high abrasiveness of the crushed ore, and the third is the improper selection of the stone crusher.

Hammer head abrasion failure analysis:

When the material collides with the high-speed rotating hammer head, such as a frontal impact, the sharp angle of the material is pressed into the hammer surface to form an impact pit. At this time, the hammer head belongs to the impact chisel abrasive wear. However, when the material hits the hammer head at a certain angle, the impact force can be decomposed into the normal stress of the vertical hammer surface and the tangential stress of the parallel hammer surface. The former produces impact pits on the hammer surface, and the latter cuts the hammer surface. The formation of a cutting groove is the wear of cutting erosion.

Hammer Crusher

When the hammer head is working, it is not the entire hammer surface that crushes the material, only the side near the edge is crushed, which is called the working area. With the continuous wear of the hammer head, the working area changes, and the way the material wears the hammer head also changes. In the early stage, the impact chisel abrasive wear is the main, and gradually the cutting to the scouring wear. Therefore, the wear mechanism of hammer head wear is impact abrasive wear and cutting erosion wear.

2. End disc and hammer disc wear too fast and break

The end disc and the hammer disc are the main working parts of the hammer crusher rotor. The high-speed rotor is subjected to huge impact loads and alternating loads. The end disc and hammer disc not only share a considerable part of the impact and alternating load, but also the outer circle of the end disc is constantly subject to material erosion and wear, and the working conditions are relatively poor. If the raw ore feed block is too large, improperly crushed materials or the rotor structural strength design is defective, it is very easy to cause the rotor structure to deform, the end disk and the hammer disk wear too fast and break.

3. Bearing heat

Bearing heating is one of the common failures of hammer crushers. The main reasons for bearing heating: first, the vibration of the bearing housing is too large; second, the horizontal error of the two bearing housings is too large; third, the top gap between the inner hole of the bearing housing and the outer ring of the bearing is too small; fourth, the shaft cover and other parts are There is interference in the shaft; Fifth, the bearing is damaged. Sometimes several factors are intertwined and affect each other, it is difficult to say which one is the main factor.


(1) In order to avoid improper selection of the material structure of the hammer crusher, resulting in premature failure of the main components such as the hammer head, end plate and hammer plate, the ore to be crushed needs to be sampled for fragility and abrasiveness measurements. After clearing the crushing performance of the ore, select the appropriate model and material.

(2) For ores with high abrasiveness, which are difficult and extremely difficult to crush, hammer crushers should not be used, and two stages of crushing should be considered. Among them, the rotary crusher or jaw crusher can be used for the coarse crushing, and the cone crusher can be used for the crushing.

(3) In order to avoid heating of bearings, priority should be given to auxiliary cooling measures such as fans on small pulleys. At the same time, it is recommended to optimize CARB toroidal roller bearings for floating-end drive bearings. This type of bearing can be self-aligning and can be axially displaced. The outer ring of the bearing can be designed as an interference fit, thereby avoiding the use of ordinary spherical roller bearings. If the top clearance is too large, it is easy to run the outer ring. Awkwardness that cannot float.

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