Cement Mill Maintenance

The cement mill is the key equipment for crushing the broken material. It consists of the cylinder block, the lining plate, the partition plate, the main bearing, the feeding and unloading device and the driving device. Cement ball mills are widely used in cement, silicon salt products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass and ceramics. Cement ball mills can be divided into two categories: ordinary cement grinding machines, high-yield fine cement grinding machines. With it, various ores and other abrasive materials can be ground cold or wet.

Cement mill plays an important role in the production process, it determines the quality and efficiency of the product. Therefore, the maintenance is very important. So, should pay attention to what issues?

  1. All load bearing is responsible for the machine, so good lubrication has a lot to do, bearing life, lubricating oil directly affects the life and efficiency of the machine, which requires oil must be clean, well sealed.
  2. Newly installed tires prone to loose, so it must always be checked.
  3. Pay attention to check the degree of wear of wearing parts, if necessary, replace worn parts.
  4. The under frame, where the mobile device is placed, should be get rid of dust and other matter so that when there is unbreakable material, the free bearing of the machine can move around the under frame to avoid serious accidents.
  5. If the bearing increases the temperature of the oil, because the machine should immediately stop checking to solve this problem.

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